Jerry Favorite, Photographer & Cinematographer

Jerry Favorite is so much more than just a photographer, cinematographer and owner of Favorite Studios / Favorite Photography. He is truly an artist with a strong drive for perfection and photographing people. Jerry has a natural manner that relaxes couples and families so their personalities and emotions shine. He excels at the documentary style of photography and cinematography, telling your wedding story while capturing details and moments in a candid, photojournalistic way.

Jerry may have been born into this industry with both parents being renowned photographers, growing up doing photo processing and old-school videography through high-school and college… but there was never any doubt photography was his true passion. He dreamed of being accepted into the art school at UF and made it a reality. Jerry worked hard, joined SAE (so probably played hard too) and graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Photography.

Family is foremost. Jerry is proud to have his wife, Karen, working by his side… and hopefully the kids one day soon too! Outside of work, he enjoys taking family vacation videos and pictures, and prefers street photography and capturing real life. He’s also been known to unwind fishing or doing projects around the house.

Jerry is constantly looking toward the future and always trying to better his cinema and still photo work. We could tease him about the latest gadget and new equipment, but he knows better than anyone, it’s not the gear that makes the photographer/videographer great…